Rêve de Garçon, from the French “the dream of a boy”, is a brand with a dual identity and which contains two of the many souls of men’s fashion.
Sportiness, dynamism, movement, performance: this is the first face of the Rêve de Garçon creations, an outfit designed for those who cannot give up a sporty look.

Fashion, design, innovation, allure: a sports line that does not leave out the urban chic style that characterizes the brand.

The personality of Rêve de Garçon manifests itself in dual creations, original and never seen before. Conceived by man, for the man who does not conform.


The scarab, a double animal. It is a mighty beetle, which shows the scary side of nature and, at the same time, the beauty of a creature studied with engineering precision.
It is an objectively small animal, yet it has been able – in the course of history – to attract the attention of entire populations. The scarab has conquered the veneration of Ancient Egypt, the Phoenicians, the Carthaginians, the Greeks and the Nuragic Civilization.
Unchanged over the millennia, it is a precious symbol, representing sovereignty, power and spirituality.
From here, the choice of Rêve de Garçon clothing to make its own emblem: the scarab becomes the face of trendy clothes with an unmistakable style, powerful, simple and – at the same time – perfectly recognizable.

The garments are made in the affiliated laboratory, in Alba (CN): here a team of highly experienced tailors, in collaboration with prestigious brands, take care of every detail of the production, from labels to design, from the choice of fabrics to the application of logo (in print-embroidery). The atelier’s proposal therefore consists of exclusive products and Made In Italy, at affordable prices.